Democratic Enablers of Republican Predilections

Rick Moran, the gift that keeps on giving:

The House GOP leadership – indeed probably many on both sides of the aisle – knew of Foley’s predilections and did nothing about it. Are you trying to tell me that if Republican House pages were warned about Foley 5 years ago that at least some Democratic Pages weren’t also aware? That’s laughable. I’m sure the FBI will have some interesting conversations with former pages that will reveal not only that the Democratic pages had heard the rumors about Foley also but that they had dutifully passed them on to Democratic staffers.

…and so, it must be a “black bag operation”:

If the IM’s were in the possession of the left wing Public Interest Group CREW who then handed them over to ABC News, a legitimate question can be raised about how long they had those IM’s and why they didn’t notify the FBI sooner. If they had them for months (and since the SSP website went up in July we can assume as much) then CREW should be severely criticized for holding back information that placed young lives at risk. In the end – if they did indeed hold on to the IM’s for months – CREW can be singled out for the harshest criticism for the preferment of political gain at the expense of the safety of the pages.

How much of a story will this black bag operation be? Since it was done partly in the cause of ridding the Congress of a pervert, one perhaps cannot condemn it completely. However, it does demonstrate a nauseating cynicism on the part of the left when it comes to electoral politics and makes the hypocritical charges of “cover-up” resonate all the more with those who are disgusted by such tactics.

Republicans: Only 92.5% Responsible When They Are 100% Responsible.

Someone please send Rick a copy of The Hunting of the President.

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