So what are the political parties going to do about this juggernaut? White suburban soccer moms aren’t going to be the only people voting. Whites are in the minority in California, Texas, New Mexico and Hawaii and (DC).

The US population, which is set to hit the 300-million mark in October, is one third minorities, with one in three people either Hispanic, black, Asian or, less often, indigenous Native Americans.

Minorities account for 33 percent (98 million) of the population, according to US Census Bureau figures from 2005, when the US population stood at 296.4 million people.

Some of the stats:

* Hispanics 14 percent (42.7 million), which will blossom 25 percent of the population by 2050
* Blacks represent the second largest minority with 39.7 million people — and is growing the least among the top three minority groups
* Asians (14.4 million), indigenous Native Americans and Alaska natives (4.5 million) and finally native of Hawaii and islands in the Pacific (990,000) make up the rest of the list.

The surging undocumented population coming from south of the border can’t vote, but their U.S.-born children will. No wonder the Freepi want that wall built ASAP.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding