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Sunday Talking Head Thread


Here's the Sunday talking head line-up.  Read it and weep:

Meet the Press (NBC):  Senator Mike DeWine (R) will debate Rep. Sherrod Brown (D) live and in studio.  Plus, an interview with Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf.

This Week (ABC):  WH counselor to the President, Dan Bartlett; Rep. Jack Murtha (D-PA); George Will; Mark Halperin; former Pentagon Spokesperson Tori Clarke; Donna Brazile; and US Poet Laureate Donald Hall.

Face the Nation (CBS):  Dan Bartlett and Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE).

Fox News Sunday:  Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA), Newt Gingrich, Michael Scheuer, former chief of the CIA's bin Laden Unit and Daniel Benjamin, former NSC member under Pres. Clinton. 

CNN Late Edition:  Dan Bartlett, White House Counselor; Sen. Richard Lugar: Foreign Relations Committee Chairman, R-Indiana; Sen. Christopher Dodd: Foreign Relations Committee, D-Connecticut;  Zalmay Khalilzad: U.S. Ambassador to Iraq; Zbigniew Brzezinski: Former National Security Adviser; Henry Kissinger:: former Secretary of State.

C-Span's Washington Journal:  9am – Stephen Trimble, Jane’s Defence Weekly, Washington Bureau Chief; 9:30am – Karl Inderfurth, Fmr. Dpty. Representative to the U.N. Security Council (1993-97).
Hmmmm…is it just me, or is anyone else expecting some emergency Hastert and Boehner bookings for this morning?  Sure hope they also take some time to talk to law enforcement sources about such intriguing words as "grooming" and "inappropriate suggestiveness" and "lewd online IM discussions of a frank sexual nature."  (What?  I'm just saying…)  Some enterprising journalist might want to ask Mssrs. Hastert and Boehner and all their pals in the Republican Leadership why it is that no one thought to contact law enforcement about Rep. Foley in an abundance of caution and all.

It's an interesting morning of Sunday blather, I'll say that much.  Interesting because Dan Bartlett's smarmy mug is suddenly popping up everywhere as the messenger boy du jour.  Guess they don't want Condi on dealing with NIE and/or al qaeda questions, Rummy's out due to Woody's book questions, Shooter was too crabby last time on Timmeh's show, Kenny Boy Mehlman has an Abramoff taint from that e-mail release from Congress, and so it goes…and Bartlett's smarmy informercial salesman schtick is the best they can do from the bench?

Once again, This Week's panel discussion is tilted a bit too far to the right. 

Chris Wallace has upgraded his website, putting a big head shot of his own face front and center.  Guess he's decided after the furor from last Sunday, it's the "All About Chris Wallace Show."  Um…yeah…that's a ratings winner right there.  *snerk*   

But for my money, the fireworks may be on CNN:  Zbig Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger may be old lions of the foreign policy world, but neither man will back down an inch, and the last time Zbig faced off with Kissenger, it got testy.  And with the recent revelation from Woody's book that Kissenger is back in the White House giving advice on yet another quagmire, well let's just say that Zbig's tart tongue is likely to be let loose. 

This morning's bird is a Gray Catbird.  It doesn't have the fancy, flashy feather colors or a crest, but they are really intriguing birds.  The most fun thing about them is their ability to mimic other bird calls or even other sounds around them. 

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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