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Hartline STILL fixated on San Diego Pride

San Diego Pride was held back in July, but pathetic “former homosexual” and “pro-family” activist James Hartline is still losing his cookies over it.

Last month, he was angered at the fact that the city rolled out the welcome mat for the celebration because the event was rife with “graphic pornography, nudity, sadomasochism, and other activities too offensive to describe in print.” To make his point, he included a link to tame photos, one with lube and condoms on display tables.

Then the ex-gay battle axe whined about children that attended Pride, because of the “depravity that’s in this parade.”

And just last week, he was still harping on the event, concerned abou the effect of “Gay Pride Abuse,” coming unhinged at a City Council meeting, threatening legal action against Councilman Scott Peters, who didn’t want to waste the City Council time letting fundies display allegedly offensive pictures of Pride.

Now he’s back on the subject again, this time bleating “I’m Going To Be As Tenacious As A Pit Bull Until Kids Are Removed From Gay Pride Parade Participation!”

Christian Activist James Hartline continued his war for the protection of San Diego’s youth on Tuesday, September 26, 2006, when he gave an impassioned speech before the San Diego Unified School District, Board of Education. Standing before a packed auditorium, Hartline told the elected five-member board that ultimate responsibility for a district charter school’s participation in a porn-filled gay pride parade this past July, would fall directly on the Board of Education (

Planting his feet firmly before the board, Hartline declared, “I am going to be as tenacious as a pit bull until the matter I am speaking on today is resolved to my satisfaction.” The well known activist also warned, “This is just my preemptive speech. I will be back to speak further on the matter of the San Diego Cooperative Charter School marching young six, seven and eight year old children in this filthy parade.”

* Six Years In Sodom: From The Journal Of James Hartline
* The Blend cited on fundie ‘ex-gay’ blog

H/t, Autumn.

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Pam Spaulding