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Resolution for ethics probe over Foley passes 410-0

The GOP is heading for meltdown as Nancy Pelosi offered a resolution to investigate the behavior of former Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL). It passed 410-0.

Now the denial and cover up games begin, however there is no way they can blame Democrats for this one. They are in charge and this has blown up in their faces.

Let’s look at some of the lying and butt-covering scrambling going on.

1. House Speaker Leader Dennis Hastert said he’s shocked and didn’t know about Foley’s emails and IMs to teen pages.

“I was surprised,” Speaker J. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., said after being informed of Foley’s decision. “I didn’t know what the situation was.”

Gee, he must have amnesia, because perpetually tanned House Majority Leader John Boehner told the WaPo that Hastert knew months ago and the latter said to do something about it (clearly it didn’t mean booting Foley).

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The resignation rocked the Capitol, and especially Foley’s GOP colleagues, as lawmakers were rushing to adjourn for at least six weeks. House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) told The Washington Post last night that he had learned this spring of some “contact” between Foley and a 16-year-old page. Boehner said he told House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.), and that Hastert assured him “we’re taking care of it.”

2. The Dem on the House page board was never informed about Foley.

Roll Call has been all over this story, and breaks some news about John Shimkus (R-IL), head of the Page Board, and who didn’t tell the Democrat on the board, Rep. Dale Kildee.

“I became aware of it this afternoon when [Shimkus] came by my office. I think we should have had a page meeting right away,” Kildee said, referring to last year’s discovery of Foley’s e-mails.

When asked if was upset about being excluded, Kildee said yes, adding, “I’ve been on the page board for 20 years.”

“I’m the chairman of the page board,” Shimkus said when asked why he didn’t include Kildee. “The Clerk and I addressed this issue.”

So Kildee wasn’t told, yet Roll Call reports that these Republicans were aware of the situation: Boehner, National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Reynolds (R-NY) and Reps. Rodney Alexander (R-LA.) and Shimkus, the former Clerk of the House Jeff Trandahl — and the senior aide to Hastert.

Wait — we’re supposed to believe that Hastert’s senior aide didn’t tell him? The House Clerk was informed about an explosive matter like this, but not the Speaker? Jesus, they must think we’re stupid. Either he was told, or, knowing the potential maelstrom that could occur if the story leaked, Hastert was given plausible deniability. I can’t believe the latter — I’m sure they thought they could keep a lid on this. And that leads to…

3. A sign of the implosion — they can’t get their stories straight.

— In the Roll Call article, John Boehner denies telling Hastert. So which publication did you lie to, Boehner?
— The article also says that “according to a senior House GOP leadership aide, Hastert’s office was informed of the interview shortly after it occurred, but Hastert himself was not told.” Love the anonymous spin job. Again, who’s lying (and who has the motive for doing so)?

4. What, if anything, did those who did know about Foley’s predatory, sexually harrassing behavior at the time (it obviously didn’t involve any action against the Florida Congressman, then head of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children)?

From the WaPo:

Shimkus said in a statement last night, “in late 2005, I was notified by the then Clerk of the House,” that Alexander had told the Clerk “about an email exchange between Congressman Foley and a former House Page. I took immediate action to investigate the matter.”

“Foley asked about the former Page’s well-being after Hurricane Katrina and requested a photograph,” Shimkus said. He said Foley assured him it was an innocent exchange, but “nevertheless, we ordered Congressman Foley to cease all contact” with the boy and to respect all pages. “Only now have I learned that Congressman Foley was not honest about his conduct,” Shimkus said.

Well, wasn’t that a slap on the wrist. And no follow-up, clearly.

This was sexual harrassment of a House employee, a minor at that. Is this the best that the GOP leadership in this country can do to protect those who work for them from predatory elected officials?

Perhaps the ethics probe, the last thing the Republicans needed on the agenda as the election nears, will expose the real “values” of God’s Own Party.

Of course in Freeperland there is plenty of gay bashing going on, though a lot of them are doing some hand-wringing about strategy. One thing for Log Cabinettes to note — the Base, always willing to conflate any perverted sexual behavior with homosexuality, see the solution as booting all of you out.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

Makes one wonder what they’ll find on his computer.

GAWD….how the hell did the GOP caucus give him that committee assignment?

My God, this creep was head of the caucus on Missing and Exploited Children? Co-Chairman, at least that’s what I heard on TV. Sounds like the fox guarding the henhouse. Good riddance to him. I hope authorities responded quickly enough and secured the computers and other gear that might been used in his sick little game.

Chalk up one more district for the Dims. What a sick POS.

Well…it’s be a great way to get Jeb into the national picture….

Then to his republican supporters, it was alright to be gay, but not gay with 16-18 year old boys. I guess he crossed a some line that his republican supporters could not accept. What a fool.

You know what chaps my hide – the fact that the leadership knew about this months ago and did nothing. He should have been pressured to resign “to spend time with family” or whatever and then a suitable replacement could have been moved in his place to run. The district leans right. Now it’s lost to the RATS. Way to frickin go. Politicians are idiots. This is a chess game that needs to be thought out three steps ahead, always.

Sheesh people all is not lost. foley won in 2004 with 65% of the vote, so that tells you that the district is conservative leaning. There is still a month to go, and like I said this lemon could turn into lemonade with the fact that the democrats have barney frank and patches kennedy, and that the democrats never call on the resignation of their trash.

I’ve heard rumors over the years about a dozen or so Reps having gay leanings, about equally split between Democrats and Republicans – GOOGLE will turn up numerous reports. As long as they stick to consensual relationships with adults (21 and over) , and the voters in their district
s are satisfied with them otherwise, I say let it ride – likely “outing” would be harder on the Republicans than the Democrats. Adults praying on children and adolescents of either sex is something else, of course.

Good. The Republicans have enough problems with this fellow being sick and twisted adding to them.

The more research I do into this guy, the more it looks to me like he was yet another fake Republican. I don’t know much about his district, but he sure as hell was no conservative. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

well, if a longtime politician is single, or has some issues, it seems that people let them slide, until something like this comes up. somebody close and personal should have said a looooong time ago: “Look, are you a homosexual or not? If so, are you going to push a homosexual agenda? If so, well then, you need to bring this out and let the constituents realize what you are all about. If not, well then keep you private life private and lets keep the house in GOP hands. And stay away from the pages.”

Doesn’t Rush live near Foley’s district. Time to step up for the good of the country Rush.

RINO infestation – that’s what happens when people settle.

Unfortunately, this “trash” may end up helping Pelosi run the house. When you combine Foley’s district with Delay’s, Ney’s, and AZ-08, things are not looking too good for the GOP holding the house. Unbelievable.

Before everyone calls him a predator we should wait for a few more facts in this case. I dont really care if he gay or not and there is not going to be some “purge” of gays from the party. That being said if he did something wrong I am glad he is leaving

One more queer gone from leadership. It is GREAT news that we’re getting rid of both Kolbe and Foley this election. It doesn’t matter if we lose both seats, the damage these scumbags do to attack the GOP from within is far worse than any Democrat could do.

#1 – It was well-known that Foley was gay, though he refused to say either way in public. He had an open relationship with his boyfriend. #2 – Foley supported “gay rights” legislation

Yet the Republicans in his district kept supporting him and even tried to get him to run for Senate. Shame on them!

Just when you figure we’ve hit rock bottom, along comes something like this. Sick son of a bitch! I hope he’s prosecuted.

Oh, boy you know the Rats and the MSM are going to use this big time tonight and the rest of the weekend. Way to go, you idiot.

“Foley, the chairman of the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children…”

The entire United States Congress is run by imbeciles.

One more queer gone from leadership. A good thing even though he wasn’t a dimorat.

* Denny Hastert must resign for doing nothing about Foley
* Foley drops out of re-election campaign
* What the heck was Mark Foley thinking?

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