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Fun – and protestors — at NC Pride

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It was a great day in Durham – we had a huge turnout for NC Pride, more folks than I’ve seen in the last few years. Great weather – in the high 70s, low humidity.

For the first time that I can recall, we had honest to goodness fundies out there. The crew from Operation Save America showed up with the same tired signs that they probably use over in Charlotte. Everyone was laughing at them. OSA is not a local group — they bus their folks in wherever they think they can drum up some publicity. This American Taliban-style organization isn’t even from this area (it’s based in TX). The goal of OSA, besides returning homos to the closet, is to get God back in the classroom and the state back into a woman’s womb.

Today was no exception, though their signs were not nearly as colorful as the Westboro Baptist crew (they came to protest a production of The Laramie Project last year).

A couple of shots (click to enlarge).

One of the bikers in the parade revved their engine to drown out the fundies as attempted to bleat nonsense about sodomy and sodomites.

Our side had quite a few great zinger signs of their own. “Blood of the lamb” was one of Kate’s favorites:

There was this one fundie all by himself on one street corner. I think this was a local dude, not an OSA-er. It was kind of sad that he couldn’t find anyone else to “perform” with.

Kate and I marched with my old neighborhood association, Old West Durham, which is the host neighborhood of the parade. I’m with community allies OWDNA President John Schelp (far right) and City Councilman Mike Woodard, who said he has the Blend bookmarked (!), joined our group for the whole march — and earned a blister!. It was good to see a lot of local pols out there today, mingling and even with tables set up to meet with the gay community.

More pix here.

Here’s a quote from a local black homobigot:

Some disagree with the idea of the parade.

Pastor Donald Fozard of Mt. Zion Church in Durham, said he follows the Bible’s teachings, which say homosexuality is a sin.

“Why do they have to have a parade?” Fozard asked. “What we need is an open forum to talk about it face to face.”

This dude lives about a half mile from our house. He has a life-size statue of a white couple in an embrace to symbolize “one man, one woman” in his front yard. The place looks like a compound.

He’s a real winner.

Minister preaches against ‘faggots’, March 3, 2004. From this past Sunday’s sermon, one would think the Rev. Donald Q. Fozard Sr. likes saying the word faggot. The pastor of Durham’s Mount Zion Christian Church hollers the word’s last syllable as if he were exorcising a demon, or as if he were a movie star who understands that notoriety rises when you do something incendiary.

Faggots across the nation, heading churches. Homos on the pianos. Faggots in the choir. What kind of spirit is leading that church?” he asked his 150 worshippers.

* NC Pride and features on gay legal issues in the Independent Weekly

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