I guess that explains the Nuthouse

Rick Moran attempts to defend the Republican Leadership for covering up for Mark Foley (R- Neverland) and then goes a little, um, unhinged in his comments.

For the record, Rick thinks the ultimate lesson of Predatorgate is that the Democratic party is somehow at fault which is entirely consistent with the idea that everything bad that has happened in the past six years has also been the Democrats fault; 9/11, the failed war in Iraq, the incompetent response to Katrina, Taylor Hicks…

You get the idea.

(Added): Rick responds with what I guess passes for a witty rejoinder that is one of the most awkward insults I’ve ever heard.:

As is usual when TBogg links here, the knuckledraggers with IQ’s smaller than their penis length swarm my site…

Wow. That wouldn’t rate a *snap* at a middle school.

This makes me sad and embarrassed for him…

Possibly he can learn some tips here.

Or possibly not.

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Yeah. Like I would tell you....