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Gaypocalypse Now

How we will destroy the earth. Hilarious.



Here are some linkees:

* Madkane: Torture Bill Haiku. Her blog has also moved – update your bookmarks.

* Paul has two good ones, Candidate facing N-Word accusations (picture Vernon Robinson), and posts on lesbian activist Aleta Fenceroy, who died this week.

* Mike Tidmus on anti-gay cartoons being distributed on a college campus by a “Christian” whackjob. The comics depicted the homo straw man that the Right loves to beat on — we’re portrayed as rapists, child molesters, murderers and thugs.

* Chris at Facing South has a post up on the frustration of the Base — Religious right falters on eve of elections.

* The American Constitution Society for Law and Policy blog is running a five part Supreme Court preview featuring leading legal experts writing about key upcoming cases. The first in the series is “Abortion and the “Health Exception.”

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