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Priests steal from Florida parish

Priests charged in the theft of $8.6 million. I guess this is akin to the five-finger heavenly discount, or some such, for Ratzi’s boys. This was in Delray Beach.

Two Roman Catholic priests stole and misappropriated $8.6 million in offerings and gifts made to their parish and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of it on car payments, rare coins and other personal expenses, authorities said Thursday.

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Monsignor John Skehan, a former Miami-Dade and Broward priest who was pastor at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church for four decades, was arrested Wednesday night at Palm Beach International Airport after he returned from Ireland. He was being held on $400,000 bond, police said.

Also accused is the Rev. Francis Guinan, another former Miami-Dade priest who succeeded Skehan three years ago. He is on an Australian cruise and called investigators Thursday.

”Millions of dollars that should have gone to helping the homeless folks or the school itself” didn’t, said FDLE agent Amos Rojas Jr.

”These guys lived the life they told everyone else not to live — and they lived it on everyone else’s dime,” police spokesman Jeff Messer told the Palm Beach Post.


Meanwhile, Papa Ratzi’s pedophiles are still turning up; here’s one in New Mexico on his way to the clink. (KOBTV):

A former New Mexico priest was sentenced in federal court Thursday to five years in prison for molesting a 14-year-old boy during a trip to Europe last summer.

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George Silva, 74, in June agreed to a deal in which he would be sentenced to five years in a federal prison rather than go to trial and face a possible sentence of up to 30 years.

…”We agreed to a sentence of five years, the victim does not have to testify in this case, and we all thought that was an appropriate resolution in this case,” said Assistant US Attorney Charles Barth following Silva’s June 12th guilty plea in federal court in Albuquerque.

Silva, who had been a priest in Raton, was indicted by a federal grand jury on four counts of transporting the 14-year-old Raton Boy to France and Portugal for the purpose of having illicit sex. That’s despite Silva being admonished repeatedly by the archdiocese of Santa to stay away from the boy.

Admonished? They were going to keep circulating this sick man until it bit the church in the ass. Again.


Paul passed on another one:

Court papers detail concerns about priest accused of sexual abuse.

Leaders of a Roman Catholic order of priests worried for decades that the Rev. Michael Toulouse was a pedophile, but opted to move him rather than report him to police, a lawyer for several victims said.

Citing internal documents discovered in a U.S. District Court lawsuit against the Society of Jesus in Seattle, attorney Mike Shaffer said the Jesuit priest continued to molest boys after he was transferred from Spokane to Seattle University in 1950.

…”At least a dozen victims have been identified by now who suffered assaults from Toulouse’s aggressive, predatory pedophilia,” lawyers for the victim, identified only as J.C., wrote in court filings Wednesday.

…Documents dating back six decades show Jesuit leaders knew Toulouse was a pedophile, but took no action, Shaffer alleges. “They turned a monster loose in Seattle,” he said.

Court filings contend Toulouse cultivated friendships with Catholic families, and then groomed their sons for sexual abuse even as Jesuit leaders worried about his behavior.

As early as 1938, Jesuit leaders suggested that the priest should leave the order, stating he “does not seem to understand the meaning of obedience,” according to minutes from a provincial meeting marked “Confidential.”

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