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More GOP Family Values


Howie Klein follows local House races closer than anybody — some would say closer than the DCCC.  He’s been on the story of Mark Foley for months now (having written 79 count ’em posts on the subject), and today Foley (who is chair of the Missing and Exploited Children’s Caucus) resigned as the result of a scandal created when he tried to pick up an underaged congressional page.

This is exactly why a 50 State Strategy is so important — you never know when this stuff is going to happen, especially when you’re dealing with Republicans.  It’s a vindication of Howard Dean’s work, and even Rahm Emmanuel should be happy (he managed to drive out our Blue America candidate, Dave Lutrin, in favor of apostate Republican Tim Mahoney back in March).  

Chalk up another in the long list of GOP sex scandals.   Then go pat Howie Klein on the back, he was on this one long before anybody else.

It’s sure to re-ignite the saga of the Sick Bastards of the GOP, but that’s always one of my favorite topics anyway so I’m not complaining.

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