One of these things is just like the others

Randy “Duke” Cunningham
Tom DeLay
Bob Ney
Mark Foley

Now, granted, Bob Ney hasn’t resigned yet, but at this rate the Republicans might lose their House majority before Halloween…

(Added) Meanwhile, the Doughy Pantload goes incomprehensible:

Foley [Jonah Goldberg]
I have no worthwhile instapunditry. But, I think if the allegations are true this is just one more reason to add to the phonebook-sized list of reasons why grown men shouldn’t mess around with underage boys. It goes some considerable distance after, “it’s gross” and a good bit before “it takes time away from yard work.”

It goes without saying that blogging is pretty much “instapunditry” so I find Jonah’s first line an uncommon act of intellectual honesty. As for the rest…messing around with underage boys “takes time away from yard work”?


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