A Once Every Blue Moon Football Link

I’m not sure why I even clicked on this link at ESPN, but this is probably the funniest column I’ve ever read about sports. It helps if you have a passing knowledge of the NFL. Samples:

Classic Falcons: Just when you believe they’re good, they mail their next game in more egregiously than Pearl Jam mailed in the “Binaural” album. Did you ever wager on Mora’s Falcons, watch Michael Vick chuck one of those two-hop grounders to a wide-open receiver on third down within the first three minutes of the game, then hold your head like the Senator who was covered in the hooker’s blood in “Godfather 2” and scream, “What did I do? WHAT DID I DO???????” Um, me neither.


You can come out of the gate with the whole “ball control, no mistakes, keep it close, waste as much time as possible, hope the other team screws up” routine for about three weeks before everyone realizes, “Wait, there’s not a lot here.” Coincidentally, the same goes for mediocre actors — they have about three starring roles in them before everyone eventually realizes, “Wait, there’s not a lot here.” Call it the Josh Hartnett Syndrome.

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