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Wildmon: Ford made me boycott

Don’s a piece of work. He’s not stupid though, as his ongoing battle against Ford for its support of The Homosexual Agenda has earned the automaker an American Family Association boycott — he now realizes that this could all backfire on him.

The intent was to punish Ford with bad PR, not destroy it, but he issued press release after grandiose press release bleating about the AFA’s success and influence on Ford’s situation (as opposed to, say the auto giant relying on big trucks and huge SUVs as its meal ticket).

The latest spin now? Don is saying that the AFA was forced to boycott Ford, lest it look weak as an organization. Holy mother of dog…

Wildmon says Ford is suffering the effects of its decision to aggressively promote same-sex “marriage” and other aspects of the homosexual agenda. The pro-family leader notes that AFA had suspended the boycott for six months; however, after Ford reneged on its agreement to remain neutral in the culture war, he says the boycott was back on.

Last weekend, Wildmon addressed the Values Voter Summit in Washington, telling the audience there that Ford left AFA and other pro-family groups with no other choice than to act in protest of the automaker’s decision. “If we have the boycott,” he observed, “we’re going to hurt some people, and that is no fun. But if we don’t boycott, we have no integrity left, and we’re going to hurt more people in the long run.”

The pro-family spokesman says Ford is hurting. And although AFA and other groups who have joined the boycott are not responsible for all of the auto company’s financial woes, he says they are responsible for a substantial part of the difficulty Ford is now having with its bottom line.

…The officials at Ford made a decision, Wildmon asserts. “They elected to continue supporting the homosexual agenda and homosexual marriage,” he says. And if pro-family and conservative groups fail to respond to the automaker’s actions, the AFA spokesman contends, those groups will, in essence, have “given corporate America over to homosexual leadership.”

Too late, Don — the AFA integrity train left the station long ago. It’s all your fault, isn’t that what you wanted?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding