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What the heck was Mark Foley thinking?

Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL), like most of these full-of-themselves Beltway numnuts, probably didn’t think that tawdry email exchanges with a 16-year-old male page (one remarking how sizzling one of his teen buddies is), would surface.

Raw Story has copies of the emails to the page.

Reports circulated on the Internet earlier this week, indicating that in private emails, Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) had requested photographs of the page, asked what he wanted for his birthday, and inquired about his age. The emails may be viewed below.

A subsequent investigation by RAW STORY discovered that the addresses on the emails were indeed those of Foley and a now-seventeen year old boy, who forwarded them to a fellow staffer.

…RAW STORY spoke with several sources, who confirmed that they felt Foley was unusually friendly with young Hill pages, but failed to uncover anything of a more serious nature. Foley’s office contends that the Congressman is only guilty of being overly-friendly and has categorized the story as part of an opponent’s “smear campaign.”

Foley has long marketed himself as a protector of children from sexual predation. In 2003, he became an outspoken critic of a summer nudist camp for children.

A couple of notes here — the age of consent in DC is 16, and there’s nothing overtly sexual in these emails, it’s just pretty darn dumb for any elected official to be doing this sort of thing and expect it not to surface in an election campaign. Particularly when your reputation is that of a “protector of children from sexual predation.”

Foley is another one of those political closet cases. Like David Dreier, he was outed in local media several years ago, but he doesn’t discuss his orientation — and the MSM is basically silent on the matter. Foley voted consistently against gay rights legislation before the outing; his record improved only after he was ejected from the closet.Still, last year he voted to allow faith-based organizations to bypass local anti-discrimination laws so they could fire gays.

Peter LaBarbera, btw, was one of the wingers tossing barbs at Foley’s closet back in the day (2003).

Foley and his spokesman say they will not answer reporters’ questions about his “personal life.” The homosexual newspaper Washington Blade was told the same when it asked spokesman Kirk Fordham “point blank if Foley is gay.”

Most nonhomosexual newspapers did not pursue the story, but after Norman broke the ice with his column, the pressure grew on Foley, who is running for the seat vacated by Democratic presidential hopeful Bob Graham. (Foley has raised far more money for the Senate run than fellow GOP congressman Bill McCullum, who is also in the race.) Foley sought to go on the offensive by holding a conference call with reporters May 22. However, the call, in which Foley restated his refusal to discuss his “orientation,” only generated more press coverage.


Mike Rogers, who has been involved in getting these emails out there, plans to go to the FBI to request a full-scale investigation into Foley’s contacts with Congressional pages.

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