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Wal-Mart in the dog house with Idaho fundies

Hey ‘Radical’ Russ, we’ve got a live one out in your neck of the woods — a dude from some outfit called the Idaho Values Alliance, Bryan Fischer. He’s getting the vapors over Wal-Mart’s decision to co-sponsor LGBT Diversity Week at Boise State University.

I think his real problem is that the other sponsor, The Pleasure Boutique, sells sex toys. According to Don Wildmon’s “news” organ, AgapePress, the big-box retailer has given its “full endorsement to the homosexual agenda.”

The Pleasure Boutique is a company that openly boasts of having the “largest adult toy section in Idaho,” as well as the state’s largest selection of adult movies and DVDs. Bryan Fischer, executive director of the Idaho Values Alliance, says it is “just bizarre” that a retailer that has traded on a pro-family image in the past “would join forces with a porn peddler to promote the homosexual agenda.”

Faithful Wal-Mart shoppers, Fischer observes, must be wondering what the company’s corporate executives are doing to Sam Walton’s once family-friendly company. “If companies are known by the company they keep, like people are,” he adds, “Wal-Mart has some serious explaining to do.”

The Idaho Values Alliance spokesman believes those at the helm of the world’s largest retailer are making a costly mistake. “By pandering to two percent of the population, they’re running the risk of alienating the millions of families that have made Wal-Mart one of the most successful businesses in history,” he comments. “Why Wal-Mart would want to take that kind of a risk is a mystery.”

…Another event being held during Boise State University’s week of LGBT promotions is a lecture called “Heterosexism,” [Don] Wildmon points out. In this presentation, the pro-family leader says, a heterosexual couple will “help” heterosexuals deal with their supposed bigotry toward homosexuality.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding