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Damn Straight


(Photo by Ron Edmunds/AP)

You want to direct all that anger about this craptastic torture bill?  Look at the photo.  You want to know why I’m so pissed today?  Because the Bush Administration has taken my country and my Constitution down a road that it never, ever should have traveled.

Jack Cafferty got it right last night (C&L has the video):

Cafferty: President Bush is trying to pardon himself. Here’s the deal: Under the War Crimes Act, violations of the Geneva Conventions are felonies, in some cases punishable by death. When the Supreme Court ruled that the Geneva Convention applied to al Qaeda and Taliban detainees, President Bush and his boys were suddenly in big trouble. They’ve been working these prisoners over pretty good. In an effort to avoid possible prosecution they’re trying to cram this bill through Congress before the end of the week before Congress adjourns. The reason there’s such a rush to do this? If the Democrats get control of the House in November this kind of legislation probably wouldn’t pass.

You wanna know the real disgrace about what these people are about to do or are in the process of doing? Senator Bill Frist and Congressman Dennis Hastert and their Republican stooges apparently don’t see anything wrong with this. I really do wonder sometimes what we’re becoming in this country.

And why are we going through this exercise in idiocy? Not just for CYA for George Bush on torture…but because he and Karl and all their malignant cronies are worried about headlines like this:

Dispute on Intelligence Report Disrupts Republicans’ Game Plan

New Hope For Democrats Bid For Senate

A Forfeited Battleground District

Air of Victory:  Democrats Are Hiring

Surprising Senate Shifts Seen In Final Stretch

You think Karl can’t count votes?  You think they would have dragged George Bush off his high horse and onto the Hill today for a meeting with all the Senate Republicans if they didn’t need a "win" that they could hold over the heads of the GOP going into the Fall elections?  (The President sure as hell doesn’t head up to the Hill unless they are worried about not passing this bill.  He wouldn’t be bothered to do so unless Karl thought it was crucial, and yet there he was this morning.)

You think we’d be going through this tap dance if he weren’t trying to fuck with your vote — and your commitment to work on getting more votes for our side? Karl Rove could give a rats’ ass about the Constitution or any of the values we all hold dear. He only cares about winning at all costs. And I’m here to tell you that his filthy tricks are not going to work — not if I can help it. Screw Rove. You want to be angry? Then channel that anger into throwing this vote right back in his face.

The GOP is going to live to regret the day they spit on the Constitution. And that starts right here, right now.  They aren’t acting on principle, they are acting in a craven grab for power.  Well, here’s a language they will understand:  we are going to take away your power in November.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

You think we won’t work as hard as we need to, that we’ll let up because you pull some rotten, skeezeball, forced maneuver?  Thank again. 

You think principle can’t win out against greed?  Thank again. 

You think you’ll enjoy it when the Democrats can exercise substantial oversight and subpoena power, Karl?  I know I sure as hell will.  (And I’ll especially enjoy the confirmation process for the Federal judiciary.  Just FYI.)

We are pushing you off our side of the field, across the fifty yard line and headed toward the goal.  And we are about to score.  You think we can’t do this?  THINK AGAIN, because we have DAMN WELL HAD ENOUGH.

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Christy Hardin Smith

Christy Hardin Smith

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