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Vernon Robinson's latest BS

The black Jesse Helms has a new ad up, and it’s ridiculously desperate. Vernon Robinson, who’s attempting to unseat Brad Miller in the 13th District race here in NC, loves putting up outrageous ads, like the mindless, classic Twilight Zone ad (below).

This time around, Vernon accuses Miller of supporting the expenditure of taxpayer dollars on controversial National Institute of Health projects. Some of the questionable studies: elderly masturbation, Vietnamese prostitutes and panda bears, according to Raw Story. A measure to remove those projects (which were folded in a massive appropriations bill — where lots of pork always gets rolled in), was defeated, and Robinson lays the blame at Miller’s doorstep — even though 46 Republicans also voted it down. How convenient.

Vernon uses talking points put out by Mother Schlafly’s Eagle Forum. Here’s the ad:


I love this write-up by Mike Sheehan of Raw Story:

Robinson, who formerly worked in George H.W. Bush’s administration and was once called “the black Jesse Helms” by the Winston-Salem Journal, is notorious for political ads that border on camp. He previously ran an ad featuring mariachi music with a voice intoning that America could be “nothing but one big fiesta for illegal aliens and homosexuals,” as well as another which included a man grabbing his crotch.

Former GOP presidential candidate Jack Kemp withdrew his endorsement of Robinson in the 2004 race, saying “[he] was running a very negative and aggressive anti-immigration campaign, which I believe is contrary to the core values of the party of Lincoln.”


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