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Gay History Month at schools irks some Philly parents — and the Freepi

October has been designated Lesbian and Gay History Month by the The Philadelphia School District, and when 200,000 calendars were mailed out to households, some parents had a cow. (NBC10):

The calendar also listed September as Hispanic Heritage Month, February as African-American History Month as Philadelphia School District and May as Asian Pacific-American Month.

…”Gay and Lesbian Month? That’s sexuality – that’s a preference,” said Nicola Rucker, 41, a mother of two students told the Philadelphia Daily News.

…The idea, according to the district, is to promote and instill pride in those from various cultures as well as different sexual orientations.

This is the kind of story that you know generates the most riotous responses in the swamps of Freeperland, and I was not disappointed, though it was nice to see the allegedly non-racist forum get down to the things that matter.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

What no “white history” month?

[Only three comments in to bestiality!] Bestiality Week is coming soon. Bring your pet to school!

I wonder what month Pedophilia Month is?…….and Beastiality Month……..and ………

What do you bring to school for Sado-Masochism Week?…….

If I was African American or Asian, I’d be highly insulted that I received the same exact honor as gays and lesbians.

I will recognize “black history month” and “gay and lesbian history month” just as soon as we get an official “white history month” and a “heterosexual history month” Man! …the stomach-churning hypocrisy of the left.

Surely you jest. Everyone knows EVERY month since the beginning of time has belonged to whitey and straight people. It’s high time they get theirs.

….or Christianity Month……..How about Short People Month or Fat People Month?………

And don’t forget a celebration of first amendment pornography rights.

I am Asian ascent, and I’m insulted. I think I’ll go riot and burn cars……….

Make sure they are cars with leftist bumper sticker slogans on them. They might even help you if you claim you are being oppressed for some reason or another by “the man”. They can never pass up a good street riot/demonstration/ smashing of other people’s property. It’s a sacred part of their religion.

All I have to do is torch the Priuses, Hondas, and Volvos…….

What’s next,Brokeback basketball???

The school district also allows 20 Gay and Lesbian clubs meet on various high school grounds after classes Aiding and abetting?

they can’t figure out how to teach reading but they can figure out how to teach kids about homosexuality. get the kids out of public schools NOW – run and don’t look back.

Why not Blow Job Week to honor Clinton?

I’d be all for a gay month, just so the school can get it out of the way and have a homo-free rest of the year.

Maybe they could provide seminars to the students, like use and care of colostomy bags, abc’s of infections, bathroom etiquette for homosexuals (deciding who should raise the seat and when), and how to hold the attention of a lover with a wondering eye.

Because these people’s accomplishments are only worthwhile if they are gay? Sheesh!

The only way to avoid the Left’s Perversion of the Month Club is to steer clear of all public schools and the culture of evil and mediocrity they foment.

So a “pride weekend” each summer isn’t enough…now they need a whole month to celebrate perversion and deviant behavior?!

School Boards have restrictions on sexual material. Homosexuality is STICTLY a recreational sex subject. This is 100% subject to explicity sexual material policies.

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Pam Spaulding

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