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Abandon ship for another Christian Coalition chapter

Georgia’s chapter of the Christian Coalition is saying “see ya”.

The exodus of state affiliates continues from the Christian Coalition of America. The Georgia Christian Coalition has become the latest state affiliate to break away from the national body over disagreements with priorities. Iowa, Ohio, and Alabama branches have done the same thing in recent weeks.

In a September 25 letter to Christian Coalition president Roberta Combs, Georgia state chairman Sadie Fields says her group wants to abide by its standing mission of speaking out against things such as abortion, pornography, and gambling. As an Associated Press report notes, the state groups charge the national organization has switched priorities to things such as the minimum wage, the environment, and Internet law. The national organization is also one-million dollars in debt.


In the same news roundup — AgapePress bleats about White House spokesbot and expert on racism, Tony Snow, who spoke at the Values Voter Summit over the weekend and passed along Dear Leader’s salve for the fundies in attendance — “preserving the famiy.” Boy this is empty. (AgapePress):

White House press secretary Tony Snow says one of the key issues in the upcoming election season is the preservation of the family. The former Fox News host says for a society to be strong and whole, it must preserve the family. Snow, a father of three, says the family is an institution that not only continues to transmit values, but also creates a core of conviction that enables individuals to thrive in good times — and rise to the challenge in bad.

Speaking at the Values Voter Summit in Washington, DC, over the weekend, Snow shared that President Bush has made it clear in several ways that he is willing to defend the family, most notably with the Marriage Protection Amendment. “This is a president who does, in fact, believe in the sanctity of the family,” stated Snow. “He wants people to know that the definition ought not to change, because it has a real meaning for all of us.”

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