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A seven-point plan to combat the Homosexual Agenda

Linda Harvey style. The queen of Mission[ary Position] America (which “focuses on homosexuality and its destructive impact on youth“), has her latest screed up at LifeSite News.

This time she’s claiming that homos have deployed some kind of secret weapon that is “secretly destroying the Christian faith of millions of teens, whether they are involved in the behavior or not.” It’s a pathetic, sad, desperate attempt to appeal to parents by drawing a picture of the familiar predatory homosexual straw man. If folks don’t combat it, she suggest that an entire generation will be lost to The Homosexual Agenda.

Not to worry, she has a Seven-Point Plan to Protect Christian Youth Against Homosexuality. You can read the entire insane piece, but I’ll summarize in snippets.

1. Begin a serious Bible study for your youth group on homosexuality, reading and discussing the Scriptures that pertain to this issue.

2. Repeat, and repeat again, and repeat again, that there is no evidence in Scripture or in science that homosexuality is inborn. This is not an inevitable condition for certain unlucky people, but is a developmental desire that may feel “natural” to some but ultimately is changeable. [She then proceeds to cite an article from Concerned Women for America’s Culture and Family Institute as proof.]

3. Put homosexuality in the broader context of sexual sin in general, showing how Scripture points to the weakness for sin all humans have especially as we stray from God’s created order and His teachings. [Linda then goes into unhinged nonsense about “ungodly pagan sexuality.”]

4. Make sure your youth know that no one is condemned forever through homosexual behavior or any other sin. What condemns a person is refusing to accept Christ as Saviour and lack of repentance, while willfully, deliberately continuing to sin. This is a good place to discuss the number of former homosexuals who are now publicly telling their stories. [Yes, the stories of the usual “ex-gay for pay” or “professional heterosexual” suspects (and reparative therapists) are very convincing…]

via Truth Wins Out. View the whole video about “ex-gay” Richard Cohen’s “therapy” here.

5. Also emphasize that Christians do not have to apologize for what the Bible says about homosexuality. All Christians should be kind, polite, and civil to others, but we need to stop apologizing and giving special recognition to homosexual sin or those involved. Sentences that start with, “I’m not homophobic, but….” are concessions to a framework of thinking that those advocating homosexuality have developed and our culture often now accepts, but Christians should not. [She also believes that condemning gays is part of “God’s careful, protective provision of us.”]

6. Now, here’s the tricky part. Teens need to have some idea about what homosexuals do, and how physically destructive and high risk this behavior often is. How can this be communicated without getting overly graphic? It’s important to cover HIV risks, the lack of protection of condoms, the risks of oral sex, and the risks of anal sex. Also, one should mention the highly promiscuous nature of adult, homosexual lifestyles as most live them. [BS. No stats to support this, of course.]

7. Finally, we need to caution our kids against friendships with people practicing homosexual behavior, and with those who condone it, particularly those who call themselves Christians… It’s a serious mistake to believe they are mature enough to be thrust into situations which the enemy will use to confuse them. [There’s that thrusting again.]

My, we are powerful. Just look at all those amendments passing. How’s that happening — is our weapon not deploying properly?


It looks like Daniel at Ex Gay Watch and Jeremy at Good As You found Linda’s laff riot as well.

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