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Christian Right Propaganda Posters

I was surfing around Left Blogsylvania and stopped in to visit my favorite Christian Warrior, Jesus’ General. He’s been playing the faux-outraged Christian Conservative satire long before Stephen Colbert made a show out of the act; I highly recommend stopping by there from time to time for a laugh.

The General has a new guest poster there named Austin Cline. Austin is an atheist who writes for and his posts at the General’s pad have been excellent.

One link he provides is to a series of Christian Right Propaganda Posters. He’s taken old propaganda posters from WWI & WWII and Photoshopped them to fit the agenda of the right-wing radical religious fringe (sort of like Bill Maher did in his excellent book, “When you ride alone, you ride with bin Laden”). I’ve provided six thumbnails that closely match the gay rights and reproductive freedom “agendas” we promote at the Blend, but Austin’s got 31 posters total, each with some excellent commentary, so I recommend taking a look over at for the whole set.

Click on any thumbnail to see the full-size copy:

Keep your weapon high & hard!

Godless Sodomites spread disease!

My husband knows what’s best for my uterus!

The Gay Agenda strikes at our civil liberty!

Take ’em out!

This is the enemy.

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