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Allen's downward spiral

This lunacy continues. Allen had another embarrassing experience on The Situation Room yesterday, trying to defend his “secret” Jewish heritage by blaming it on his mother’s “fear” of exposing this family factoid. It’s pathetic.


To add fuel to the flaming downward spiral on the N-word front, two more people came forward to confirm that he tossed the epithet around.

* Christopher Taylor, an anthropology professor at Alabama University in Birmingham, AL (NYT):

n the early 1980’s he heard Mr. Allen use an inflammatory epithet for African Americans. Mr. Taylor, who is white and was then a graduate student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, said the term came up in a conversation about the turtles in a pond near Mr. Allen’s property. According to Mr. Taylor, Mr. Allen said that “around here” only the African Americans — whom he referred to by the epithet — “eat ’em.”

* Political guru and University of Virginia Professor Larry Sabato heard him say it, and didn’t mind telling Chris Matthews about it. (MSNBC video and transcript):

MATTHEWS: The accusation here, I believe is that he was distinctive in what is being called racial hatred, that he regularly used the awful word, the “N” word with some sort of attitude. Is that true?

SABATO: Well I’m simply going to say that I’m going to stay with what I know is the case. And the fact is that he did use the “N” word, whether he’s denying it now or not. He did use it. It was the ’70s, you‘re right, it was a harsh term, it was an obscenity at this as far as I’m concerned.

MATTHEWS: In all fairness, it was a word that we were told growing up never to use, and most of—in fact, I don’t think hardly anybody used it, even in Philly, which was pretty racially divided for most of my growing up. There were other words used, perhaps not quite as malicious, that were ethnic in nature. But you say he used the “N” word?

SABATO: That’s correct.

Gee, well who’s lying? Allen doesn’t have a good track record on this so far.

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