A big bowl of wingnuttia

Very little time to blog tonight because domestic issues took precedence (waterheater commits suicide on third floor…film at eleven) but here’s a collection of stupidity to make you feel good about yourself:

  • Score! We win! Victory dance! 7/11 drops CITGO because of our boycott! Go us! Go us! Uh-huh, we bad — Oh wait. They did that a month ago.
  • Len Munsil, the Republican candidate for governor (and a total Sex Machine I might add) is still trying to shore up his faltering campaign by debating a monument:

PHOENIX (AP) — The Republican candidate for governor says the state’s recently dedicated 9/11 memorial should be torn down, calling it an insult to America because of wording that he says criticizes the United States and fails to adequately honor victims and military personnel.

The monument was “supposedly put in place to remember the losses of 9/11, an evil attack on our nation that killed thousands of innocent Americans,” Len Munsil said Monday at a rally near the capitol. “Instead it reminds us of American failings and American mistakes, real and imagined before and after 9/11. This memorial is a tribute to moral relativism.”


Right below an inscription noting that President Bush addressed the nation the evening of Sept. 11, 2001, is one stating that an unidentified terrorist leader addressed the American people in 2004, Munsil said.

“Only in the relativistic context of left-wing protesters holding ‘Bush is a terrorist’ signs do such inscriptions make any sense,” said Munsil, the former head of a conservative Christian advocacy group who won the Republican gubernatorial nomination in the Sept. 12 primary.

“It explains why despite the outpouring of public prayer and the bipartisan singing of ‘God Bless America’ on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, there is not a single mention of God in this memorial. It explains why there are inscriptions raising conspiracy theories, like questions about whether the U.S. knew of these attacks and didn’t prevent them.”

Munsil said some parts of the memorial are fine but that the structure should be torn down and replaced with a new one that includes the phrases “Let’s roll,” “United We Stand” and “God Bless America.”

It should be noted that God is not mentioned on the monument because he/she/it did not die on 9/11/2001 instead having passed away back on Apr. 8, 1966. No. Really. You can look it up.

Hopefully someone will mention to Len that the Arizona memorial was built with private funds and that, if he doesn’t like it, he can fuck off; something he is apparently quite good at.

  • Paul Mirengoff reports from the today’s Rightwing Daisy Chain that everyone was impressed by the fact that, if you hold their echo chamber up to your ear, the cognitive dissonance sounds like the ocean which can be quite soothing if you’re cowardly platitudinous windbag. Oh, and he also laid down Miregoff’s First Rule of Etiquette:

I consider it in poor taste, and too partisan, to hurl obscenities at people one disagrees with or to refer to the President of the United States (or anyone else) as a “smirking chimp”.

John Hinderaker adds:

You dumb shit, he didn’t get access using a fake name, he used his real name. You lefties’ concern for White House security is really touching, but you know what, you stupid asshole, I think the Secret Service has it covered. Go crawl back into your hole, you stupid left-wing shithead. And don’t bother us anymore. You have to have an IQ over 50 to correspond with us. You don’t qualify, you stupid shit.

The rest of the panel agreed to enforce John’s proposal for a baseline IQ of fifty and then they spoke very slowly and asked Bryan Preston and Dan Riehl to leave the room. I understand that cookies were offered and accepted.

  • And , no big surprise here; an angry, livid, possibly rabid George Bush lied again:

“We’ll let history judge all the different finger-pointing and all that business. I don’t have enough time to finger-point,” he said at a news conference with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.


I count about twenty-three fingerpointy thingies.

Bush lied. People were pointed at.

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