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2008 hopefuls Mitt and Huck pontificate on marriage

Choice quotes from two presidential hopefuls at the Family Research Council’s “Washington Briefing” Values Voters cavalcade over the weekend…

“I don’t like it when people say, ‘But you’re against abortion.’ I say, ‘No, I value life.’…I tell people I’m actually just for keeping marriage in the only manner for which it’s ever been known in any culture, in any civilization throughout all of history…Dear friends, until Moses comes down with two stone tablets from Brokeback Mountain saying we’ve changed the rules, let’s keep it like it is.”
— ordained Baptist minister, advocate of covenant marriage, governor of Arkansas, Mike Huckabee

Har-dee-har-har. And now, to Governor Blow Dry from Massachusetts…

“The court focused on adult rights — they said if heterosexual couples can marry, then to have equal rights homosexuals have to also be able to marry. That court’s mistake was they should have focused on the rights of children — because marriage is primarily about the development and nurturing of children.”

“Marriage is not an activity like gambling — [about] which you can say, if you don’t want it, it just goes on in one state or another state. Marriage is a status. If people come to a ‘Las Vegas of same-sex marriage’ [like Massachusetts], and then they go home, they still believe they’re married. And then they represent themselves [to their community] as being married. Therefore, we have to have a federal standard that says marriage in this country is a relationship between one man and one woman.”
— Mitt Romney

By the way, The Washington Times reports that other possible presidential contenders invited, but who declined to show up and rub elbows with Dobson and Co: sHillary, John “I’ll kick Swift Boat ass two years later” Kerry, Holy Joe, Bill “Cat Killer” Frist, John “The Tool” McCain.


As we’ve mentioned before, Mitt Romney’s running into a bit of trouble with the bible beating evangelicals over his Mormon faith. Look at what recently happened to him in South Carolina. (The State):

Cyndi Mosteller, chairwoman of the Charleston County Republican Party, one of the largest GOP organizations in the state, came armed with a bunch of material — and questions — about the Mormon church.

The incident only underlines what could become an uncomfortable debate over Romney’s faith if he runs for the White House. The issue will be on the table in South Carolina’s early primary contest, where roughly 35 percent of GOP voters are evangelical Christians, many of whom view Mormonism with skepticism.

Mosteller, an evangelical, said she especially was concerned about the church’s attitude toward African-Americans and its stand on polygamy…She fears they could become campaign issues and hurt Republican chances. She had planned to ask the questions in an open committee session, but Romney nixed that idea by ending his short address with a final “thank you.” The governor then proceeded to meet with the media for about 15 minutes.

Enter Mosteller. Sensing trouble, Romney aides hurriedly ushered reporters out the door. Afterward, Mosteller said the governor did not answer any of her questions. She described the meeting as “very tense.”

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