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Joe Lieberman’s latest Iraq speach is a dilly, a must-read for anyone who can still find humor in the matter (which I must confess I am a bit beyond).  He nags and whines about those who will not tolerate differing views about the war without ever acknowledging that he’s the one who ran around calling its opponents a bunch of traitors (I think here he is sticking his fat scolding finger in the face of those on the left who are tired of what his "leadership" and "experience" have bought us and want to give him the bum’s rush out of the party — we’re traitors for bucking a GOP President but we must be tolerant of Joe’s views, get it?)

But the truly remarkable part comes when he tells one of his patented LieberLies about Ned Lamont’s position on the war (do I see the greasy fingerprints of Dangerstein on the manuscript?  Methinks I do).  Ned Lamont supports the Kerry-Feingold resolution that does not call for the "immediate withdrawal of troops" as Joe LieberLies. Joe then tries to insinuate that Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and 80% of the Democrats (who didn’t vote for the amendment) back his vision of perpetual war, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth.

Let’s remember that 13 who caucus with the Democrats voted for the Kerry-Feingold amendment: 

  • Daniel Akaka
  • Barbara Boxer
  • Dick Durbin
  • Russ Feingold 
  • Tom Harkin
  • Daniel Inouye
  • Jim Jeffords
  • Ted Kennedy
  • John Kerry
  • Frank Lautenberg
  • Pat Leahy
  • Robert Menendez
  • Ron Wyden

And this is what he says about people who support this bill:

This is a plan for giving up in Iraq.  For giving up on Iraq’s hopes forbecoming free and independent.  And for giving up Iraq to the sectarian militias, to the terrorists, and to the Iranians and Syrians who wouldexploit the resulting chaos.

Let me explain why his plan is not just a bad idea, but a formula for defeat and disaster.

Yes Joe, do please give us the benefit of your experience and wisdom, your superior judgment.  You’ve been right about so much up to now.

Joe just threw 13 Democrats under the bus in order to save himself.  He talks about the problems in Iraq at arm’s length like it wasn’t his best thinking that got us here.  When are the Dems going to speak up and stop Joe from running against the party?   He is a frigging train wreck that trashes everything he touches.  No wonder he’s Karl Rove’s BFF.

No-show Joe’s re-election strategy:  It’s Everybody Else’s Fault.  He will say anything, do anything to keep power, and gives no reason why he’s got any better ideas now than he did when he danced us all into this mess in the first place.

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Jane Hamsher

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