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Minds that need to be washed out with soap, second edition

John Goff of One Big JackGoff, a Blender and regular commenter at Pandagon, has another edition up at his pad with more of the racist, sexist BS that his father has bleated to him.

The first installment was pretty raw stuff, and I give John a ton of credit for sharing some of garbage that his dad said (without shame and in complete seriousness). Most folks want nothing more than to hide the bigotry that we hear our relatives spew, as if it reflects badly on us. It takes a lot to rise above the stereotypes and poisonous bigotry served aplenty at the family table; it’s important to help break the cycle of pain we inflict on one another based on ignorance and fear. Thanks, again, John, for letting me repost these painful comments.

So, I guess it’s time again for another list of my father’s seriously fucked up sayings. The first installment dealt with a few of the things he says verbatim all the time, so I guess I’ll just go into some of the random spewings he has unleashed on my sister and I. I should say that although he is an obvious misogynist, for some reason he always left my sister to make her own decisions about her life, such as going to MIT and majoring in engineering. My guess is because he told me at an early age that I better get a good job so I can support him later on in life, my sister took in the “lesson” as well, and that was fine and dandy for him, as long as he had a gravy train to ride his fat ass on.

Anyway, a little more asshattery from Pappy Goff (these are mostly paraphrasing, but the sentiment is there):

“Turning it into a glass parking lot is the only thing left to do.” [with regards to the Middle East]

“I’m not racist, just realist, and in this country, you either assimilate or you get tossed in the trash heap.” [I guess that’s a new law now, be white or stick you in a landfill somewhere.]

“You got no business voting if you don’t have reverence for our founding fathers. Black people and illegal immigrants can’t possibly understand what it took to do what Washington and the rest did to create America. Black people whine about slavery and the Mexicans can’t understand English. I’m sick and tired of dealing with the ignorance in our country!” [BAH HAHAHAHAHA! Blargh.]

“Feminazis want men to give up their rightful place as the head of the household. They want abortions clinics on every corner and women in the workplace. What happens then? Our homes will fall apart and our workplace will be in ruins, that’s what.”

“America is ordained by God himself and if you don’t believe he’s smiling on all of us and putting hellfire to our enemies, you’ll be burning in hell too!” [Great, honest Christian, me ole pappy.]

“Dems have nothing more than hatred towards white people. That’s all they have to fomment”

“Martin Luther King, Jr was nothing but a filthy communist and he wanted us to lose in Vietnam.”

“Vietnam would have been won if we just nuked the slanty eyed sons a’bitches!” [Heh, why stop there? Got an “Unamerican” thought? Ya get nuked. Thinking about reading Das Kapital? Yer ass is grass, and this 500-pounder is a lawn mower.]

“If I hear one more spic sonuvabitch say something in Spanish, I’m gonna call the police.” [Oh, and what are you going to tell them when they get here?]

“The world was meant for America, and I say we should kill anybody who thinks otherwise.”

[and the kicker]

“America is the only nation that matters in the world. If I could, I’d invade their countries and kill every last one of those freedom-hating bastards before they have a chance to kill me. They’ve got nothing but goats and desert and jungle and disease, so I say kill em all and let God sort it out.”

Yeah, Dad. The Nazis would have loved you dude.

As we grow up, it can be difficult to accept the fact that our relatives are capable of such ignorance. Once we become aware that some of the views of our relatives are, to put it charitably, outside of the mainstream, we’re often faced with the choice whether to confront them, get away from them, or just accept it all and move on. It’s hard when you realize that these folks — your folks — aren’t interested in engaging, learning or exposure to new ideas to free them from their ignorance.

John’s father is an easy target because we can say “I don’t think that way,” but we cannot deny that our worldview is shaped by racism, sexism and homophobia that isn’t that overt. In fact, subtle bigotry can be more damaging because of “plausible deniability.” There may be a wink and a smile in public, but the mask often comes off in private when people feel they are among like minds and can “let it all hang out.” It’s not every day that a George “Macaca/N*gger” Allen pops up with a public motherlode of bigoted BS that blows up in his face.

As we did last time around, feel free, if you haven’t before, to contribute some of the gems you may have witnessed — to wash your brain clean of the hate and ignorance.

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