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No energy to comment, but saw these items of interest in the headlines…

* Churchgoers Rally Against Colorado Anti-Gay Amendment. It’s nice to see clergy stepping up to the plate on this.

* Meanwhile, these clergy are moving in the wrong direction: Anti-gay bishops vote to split the Anglican church in two.

* The Episcopal Diocese of Newark passed over Canon Michael Barlowe, who is an openly gay priest from California when it selected its next bishop. Dodging that old gay bullet.

* And the Presbyterians are experiencing a drop in membership and deficits, ostensibly over a vote by the legislative General Assembly that opens the door to gay ordination. It didn’t help that the denomination had to fire its treasurer after $102,000 in church money disappeared.

* The fun continues in Wichita, as anti-gay Reverend Terry Fox of Wichita’s Immanuel Baptist Church had to resign last month after church leaders charged that he used church money to support his national radio show. The good reverend is also accused of threatening to sue anyone who said anything negative about him.

* Papa Ratzi has another bit of trouble on his hands – Gay Italians defy Vatican power.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding