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There will be light posting as I am under the weather and don’t have much stacked up for you all today (a couple of new ones are below this post).

Saturday we did a lot of yard work (my patrol was cleaning the tons of spiders and webs off the house — argh).

Sunday I started to feel bad and vegetated and watched Season Two of Project Runway (had to go out and get the DVD last week; I’m hooked). Time Warner Suck-*ss Cable here doesn’t carry Bravo, so I’ll have to wait on for the current season to come out on DVD.

If you didn’t visit the Blend over the weekend, here are some posts to catch…
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* The womb control patrol escalates its battle
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* Do you think young voters will make a difference in the election?
* 500 show up to counter Daddy Dobson’s ‘ex-gay’ conference
* Q of the day – phobias and eccentricities
* A cavalcade of wingnuts descends on DC


The video of SLDN’s Sharon Alexander debate with the ridiculous woman-hating, gay-baiting Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness on Faux News is up at PageOneQ. You can leave comments here and at SLDN’s blog, Frontlines.


Consider this an open thread. Drop in and chat, leave links and share what’s going on out there.

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