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Anglican minister: black = janitor

Clif at Outside the Tent found a ripe double dip of racism and homophobia in the mind-blowing commentary of Gerald Bray, an unhinged Anglican priest currently teaching at an Alabama Baptist seminary.

Homobigot Bray recently bloviated about gay Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson in a publication called The Churchman, and for good measure, let his Klan slip show.

For example, although the American South is well-known for its conservatism and no-one [sic] will be surprised to discover that many (probably most) of the Episcopal churches there are horrified at the recent election of a practising homosexual as bishop [sic] of New Hampshire, the nature of Southern [sic] traditionalism does not immediately suggest that they would turn to a place like Rwanda for assistance. But faced with a choice between a white American homosexual bishop and a black-skinned African Archbishop [sic], there has been no hesitation — Rwanda has won hands down. The celebrant may look more like the church janitor than like any of the worshippers in the pews, but it does not matter. . . .

Black = janitor. Nice. My thought was much the same as Clif’s when I read it — “At least he didn’t say that the celebrant looked more like a chain-gang worker than the people in the pews.”

As it goes with bigots, they often just keep stepping in it once called out. Bray actually wrote Clif to, I suppose, straighten out the record.

It is a simple statement of fact. The incident I described actually happened. I am not in favour of it, of course, but there it is. I am sorry if this was not clear to you.

Alrighty then, so he’s not in favor of what, black janitors, perceptions of blacks as janitors? Is it “fact” that blacks look like janitors? Hmmm. I don’t think Bray was thinking when he fired off that email.

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Pam Spaulding