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Arianna Has A Few Words About Big Dog

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My original title for this post, "Arianna on Big Dog," was abandoned for obvious reasons.

Anyway, Crooks and Liars has a clip of Arianna discussing the Chris Wallace drubbing that Clinton delivered on Fox News today, and she also writes about it here.  Amidst the praise that I do believe he deserves for calling out both Fox News and the wingnuts and placing the blame for 9/11 on the apathetic shoulders of George W. Bush, I think Arianna does much to place Clinton’s words and actions in context:

But instead of popping champagne corks, let’s make use of this moment by stepping back and giving it some context. What can we learn from what happened?

More specifically, what can Bill Clinton learn? That the bipartisan love-in he’s been engaged in over the last several years has resulted in jack-squat.

After providing President Bush cover for his disastrous handling of Katrina, after trying to get himself adopted by George Bush, Sr., after giving Laura Bush the keynote slot at his Global Initiative Conference, after going along with Rupert Murdoch’s fundraiser for Hillary — after all that, he got exactly nothing.

It’s quite clear from the content and the passion he showed during the interview that Clinton knows the score.  So if he’s aware that Fox News is out to get him, why does his wife do fundraisers with Rupert Murdoch?  If he knows that George W. Bush makes us less safe every day by virtue of his actions, why does he consistently provide cover for Commander Codpiece?  As Arianna points out — he wants it both ways.  And that is entirely problematic.

I’m glad Bill is finally fighting back against the wingnuts who have made his life a living hell since the day he took office, but I think Arianna is right — he needs to stop legitimizing them with the other hand for personal political gain.  If he wants to step forward and lead in this particular battle I think that’s great, he’s a natural leader and nobody could draw attention to the critical issues he addresses in his interview like he can.  But the fact remains that he’s going to have to show a little more consistency and let his actions match up with his words before people are going to feel good about falling in line behind him. 

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Jane Hamsher

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