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Libby’s PowerPoint Defense

Thanks to Jeralyn for posting the most recent Libby filing, in which his team explains they want to show a PowerPoint to exonerate Libby for outing a NOC.

No, seriously, the filing is a list of classified documents they want to introduce at trial, including:

  • The PowerPoint
  • A range of classified documents (including Libby’s notes and Morning Daily Briefings–MDBs) for the periods June 9 to June 14, and July 5 to July 12
  • A "representative sample" (other wise known as cherry picked) of classified documents (again, Libby’s notes and MDBs) from other periods to corroborate Libby’s memory defense
  • "Wilson/Niger" documents–including documents Libby created and documents others created

Keep reading for my take on how they plan to use these.

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