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Rovian tactics busted at BlueJersey

How desperate are the Republicans to hold on to Congress? Ask friend of the Blend Jay Lassiter of Lassiter Space and BlueJersey.

Astroturfing is a term for showing up at a blog or board as an ally and posting messages questioning your side’s tactics or floating negative rumors — pure 21st century Karl Rove, bush-league asshattery. This story is so big that the NYT has picked it up. Jay:

Anyway, campaign staffers from the republican side are posing as democrats to spam progressive blogs here in NJ. Their twisted logic is that the big media outlets will pick up the story that “liberals” are doubting their Senator on some B.S. trumped up “ethics” charges. The mastermind? The slur-meister himself, Karl Rove. The Republicans are so desperate to retain control of the Senate that they’ll do anything to win. Yeah, I know. Stop the press!!

My other site, BlueJersey is the biggest liberal blogsite in the state. We have apparently become so big over there that the Kean Jr. campaign is making our site ground zero in the battle for this all-important Senate seat. In a way it’s flattering that his top campaign staffers are paying us so much attention, we traced all the questionble posts back to Junior’s campaign HQ, afterall!!

Who was busted? It was Jill Hazelbaker of the Kean campaign, who was trolling around on BlueJersey. Unfortunately she’s not too bright, because folks were able to trace the IP of the poster to “” Even more amusing, after being busted the first time, she shows back up (I guess to ostensibly do damage control), and is immediately busted again by jmelli.

LOL, Hi Jill!

Seriously, what is wrong with you guys?

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This is a truly sad day for the bluejersey.  Covering NJ like a rug?  Maybe you’d have a shot if you focused on actual campaign issues.  As an ardent democrat who used to enjoy reading this blog, I am frankly disapointed at the turn bluejersey has taken.  You’re wrong if you think our generation is only interested in personal attacks…and the personal attacks aren’t even on the candidates, but their staff.  A new low point guys.  Good job.  Keep up the great work.

by: blueforever06 @ Wed Sep 20, 2006 at 10:16:24 AM EDT

How is it that I can call you out on posting from Junior’s campaign HQ and then… YOU KEEP DOING IT? Seriously, just stop it. It’s laughable and embarrassing and a huge no-no in the world of the web. No one believes for a second that you’re “an ardent democrat who used to enjoy reading this blog.” It doesn’t take an IP address to sniff out a concern troll from a mile away.

It looks really silly for your candidate that you’re spending your time fighting with a blog. I mean, we’re flattered and all, but you just keep making the joke funnier and funnier.

They can’t run on their party’s record, they can’t run on ethics, they can’t run on our military engagements, so this kind of BS is par for the course.

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