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With The Path to 9/11, the right-wing propaganda machine took the opportunity to hijack popular culture and seed the narrative that the failures of the Bush Administration are all Bill Clinton’s fault (and as part of an ongoing PR campaign by David Horowitz and others to shift the blame for 9/11 from Bush to Clinton).  Whatever the actual legacy of the Clinton era might be, it has nothing to do with the incompetence, greed, stupidity, arrogance and lust for power that have fueled our national 6 year nightmare and brought us to the brink of economic disaster with an interminable, blundered war.

Is this a determined campaign strategy for November?  You bet it is.  As mcjoan said today:

The NYT is reporting that Bush and the Republicans are going to run against, get this, the Clinton years:

"The Democrats have made their position clear," Mr. Bush said. "I want you to remember the last time they had control of the United States Congress back in 1993, they passed a massive tax increase."

Yep. Those 1990s were an economic disaster weren’t they? 25 million jobs. Record budget surpluses. No military debacles. Who would want that?

Toward that end, Chris Wallace sandbagged the Big Dog today on Fox News today.  Yes I know it’s unfathomable to many that anyone would take Fox News at their word but there are actual rules of journalism that are usually observed in such cases, and when even an organization as disreputable as Fox News gives you their word that they want to interview you only about specific topics, and you agree to those terms, you sort of expect them to abide by it. 

According to sources familiar with the negotiation, Chris Wallace reportedly used his slam of Path to 9/11 to lure Bill Clinton onto the show and promised to ask him only about the Clinton Global Initiative.  Instead, the second question out of his mouth was "what my viewers want to know most is why you didn’t do more about terrorism and Osama Bin Laden."

Clinton was evidently furious.  All I can say is — what took you so long?  It was nice to see Clinton come out swinging after the blogs blazed the trail over the ABC fraudumentary, and I’m tickled pink he’s decided to take a more agressive approach to keeping professional whitewashers of the GOP a bit more honest.

Wallace has carried GOP water before — by trying to claim that Bush had never linked Sadaam Hussein and 9/11, by letting Administraion shills peddle disinformation without question, and by being an all-around apologist for torture.  Remember this tactful quote about Gitmo detainees to Hugh Hewitt?

Excuse me? I mean, you know, Auschwitz? Bergen Belsen? The Soviet gulag? I think they would have been very happy to be allowed to defecate on themselves.

I remember Wolcott had a few nice words for some early career integrity Wallace may have once had.  Even Wolcott now admits — that time is long gone.  Wallace just climbed down even further into the right wing sewer, just when nobody thought there was another rung on that particular ladder.  At this point he’d have to look up to see O’Reilly’s ass, and I for one can’t wait to see Big Dog jamming his finger into Wallace’s flabby, servile puddin’ face on Sunday morning.  That will be something to get up for indeed.  

Update:  Digby says they are showing the clip on Fox now.   

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