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Homophobic singer Buju Banton's concert cancelled

Success again! Jasmyne reports that pressure from black LGBT bloggers deep-sixed a concert in L.A. by Buju Banton, a recording “artist” who has called for the death of gays in his lyrics.

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Banton, who entertains his audiences by calling for gays to be shot in the head, have acid poured over them, and set them on fire, found out that this crap wasn’t going to fly. Adam Manacker, the general manager of the Highland nightclub and restaurant, received a deluge of calls and emails of protest and cancelled the event, sayingWe felt it was the right thing to do after doing some research on the matter.”

Next on the list? Beenie Man — who sings of “hanging lesbians with a long piece of rope” — he has a concert scheduled on October 22 in Los Angeles.

* LIFEBeat cancels concert by homophobic recording artists

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding