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Who’s Running the War?


If there has been one shining light in the past six dark years of the reign of the Boy King, it is how Henry Waxman has remained indefatigable in his pursuit to expose the kleptocratic abuses in DC.  The article by Rajiv Chandrasekaran in the Washington Post last week about Mr. Ole 60 Grit Jim O’Beirne and the CPA in Iraq opened a lot of people’s eyes, and Waxman is now requesting information and calling for the rug to be pulled back on all the war profiteering cockroaches:

When allegations of cronyism at the Coalition Provisional Authority first surfaced in 2004, the Defense Department denied that political ideology played any role in hiring decisions. However, recent media accounts directly contradict these claims, reporting that a Defense Department political appointee, Mr. Jim O’Beirne, directed an organized and systemic screening process to hire Republican loyalists for key CPA positions. In light of these contradictory reports, Rep. Waxman requests that the Pentagon produce documents related to the screening and hiring of "temporary political appointees" to fill key roles in the Iraq reconstruction effort, including:

  • 1A list of the names of all individuals who were hired to work at the CPA (a) as temporary political appointees or (b) by Mr. O’Beirne or his staff, as well as the titles of their positions and descriptions of their employment responsibilities.
  • 2A list of the names of all individuals who applied for, sought out, or were otherwise considered for temporary or full-time employment with the CPA, but were rejected by Mr. O’Beirne or his staff.
  • 3Copies of all resumes, CVs, lists of references, letters of recommendation, and any other materials submitted by the individuals described in (1) or (2), as well as any notes or other evaluations of these individuals by Mr. O’Beirne or his staff.
  • 4Copies of all communications, including e-mails, between Mr. O’Beirne or his staff and the Heritage Foundation, other think tanks, political activists, or the offices of members of Congress regarding potential CPA employees.

Finally, Rep. Waxman requests a briefing with Mr. Jim O’Beirne in advance of a Government Reform Committee hearing scheduled for September 28, 2006.

A group of Democratic Senators have also requested that the GAO examine the hiring practices of the Pentagon.  I guess it’s suddenly getting fashionable to ask these questions, but it should be noted that some have been writing about this for a long time

What can I say, you want to know what’s going on in the world, just troll through TBogg’s 2004 archives.  

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Jane Hamsher

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