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Rove promising GOP insiders an 'October surprise'

That’s what’s up at Raw Story.

“In the past week, Karl Rove has been promising Republican insiders an ‘October surprise’ to help win the November congressional elections,” reports Ronald Kessler for Newsmax.

…A few weeks ago, another conservative publication, The American Spectator, reported that White House staffers had “been talking up the possibilities of an ‘October Surprise’ or two leading into the mid-term elections.”

“They say the President feels confident he can still play a role in the election, that he intends to campaign hard for Republicans, and that on the policy front, there are a couple of issues that can be used as wedges along the way,” according to a column written by “The Prowler.”

What do you think the October surprise will be? Or do you think Rove is just blowing smoke?

Feel free to use as an open thread.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding