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James Hartline: 'Gay Pride Abuse'

Again, a sad, completely unhinged man. “Former homosexual” and “Christian” activist James Hartline is STILL fixated on these photos of San Diego Pride (prior posts here and here). We’re talking about pix of pols on floats, the usual people in funny outfits, and a couple of shots of lubricant and condoms on a display table are there for bible-beating shock value.

Today he’s mad and threatening legal action against Councilman Scott Peters, who didn’t want to waste the City Council time letting fundies display pictures of Pride. (The Hartline Report):

On July 25, 2006, it was Councilman Peters, along with lesbian Councilwoman Toni Atkins, who helped pass a city resolution declaring San Diego Gay Pride Week in the city. Peters and Atkins, along with Atkins’ lesbian sex partner Jennifer LeSar, rode together in that parade. During a Sept 12th Council meeting, Hartline and a team of thirty Christians attempted to show photographs of the parade that Peters participated in, but Peters proceeded to censor many of the photos and even attempted to block Hartline from speaking to the council on the issue altogether.

…While taking the typical liberal position of anything goes, Peters has not been willing to extend that same liberty to Christian activist James Hartline or his team that appears before the San Diego City Council each month on issues of importance to San Diego’s Christian Community. In fact, Peters may have violated the United States Constitution when he refused to allow Hartline and his group the right to present photographs of the San Diego Gay Pride. “When you deny one citizen the same rights and opportunities that you are affording others, then you are crossing the line into discrimination and constitutional violations,” says Hartline.

…Hartline, for his part, is not accepting what Councilman Peters has done. The well known Christian activist refuses to allow this prejudicial and anti-christian councilman to take his rights away; or the rights of any other Christian in San Diego. Hartline has contacted an attorney with the American Family Association and asked him to investigate the actions of Couniclman Peters

Peters should have just taken a coffee break and just let Hartline bleat away and show the pictures. Now he’ll just churn up the Wildmon AFA “news” machine.

* Six Years In Sodom: From The Journal Of James Hartline
* The Blend cited on fundie ‘ex-gay’ blog

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