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Daddy Dobson's Pittsburgh rally flops

Daddy Dobson’s appearance in Pittsburgh to rail at the Republicans for failing to kiss his feet on every wingnut initiative — and Democrats for being godless homo-loving heathens — only managed to draw 3,000 in a venue that holds 17,000. There were about 150 protestors outside. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette):

Standing before an enormous American flag in Mellon Arena, conservative evangelical activist James Dobson told thousands of supporters he was deeply disappointed in the nation’s Republican leadership, but that the nation’s future depended on re-electing them.

…He accused the Republican House and Senate of “sitting on their hands” on key conservative social issues. He said they had squandered a growing public sentiment that abortion should be limited or banned.

One side note — the article takes care to show that Dobson is connecting with some in the religious black community.

Three black women sitting near her said they had listened to his radio program since their grown children were babies. They bristled at the suggestion that Dr. Dobson’s public-policy agenda was not attuned to the concerns of the black family.

“He is not a racist,” said Louise Smith of the Hill District. She still listens to his children’s radio drama, “Adventures in Odyssey,” and said she was thrilled that it recently ran a segment on slavery and the Underground Railroad.

“The younger children do not know that story today,” she said. “Of course, with Dr. Dobson, you get to listen to what is affecting the Christian family. He gives us the information to make a stand, especially in voting.”

Sue @ Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents has an on-site report.

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