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US willing to get medieval on detainees ass’s

Exactly what kind of initiation do you have go through to join the Grantville Ladies Garden Club?

Georgia congressman Lynn Westmoreland backed away from comments he made suggesting that he supports torturing terrorism suspects, but said intelligence agencies should be given latitude to use “the methods necessary” to get information from detainees.

On Tuesday, the Grantville Republican told a Douglas County Chamber of Commerce luncheon that he “voted for torture” and that “we need to get information out of these people the best way we can,” the Douglas County Sentinel reported.

He said Wednesday that he should have “put that another way.”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have said I voted for torture,” he said in an interview with The Associated Press. “I should have said I voted against the anti-torture bill.”


Pressed on whether that means he supports torture, he said, “What’s torture? Torture is many things to many people … people have different breaking points.”

Asked whether he would support using electric shocks, he said, “Electric shocks are given to people during initiations to different clubs … Is that torture? I don’t know.”

Asked about beatings, he said, “Are you talking about tying his hands behind his back and beating him in the head? No, I’m not for that.”

Westmoreland criticized the handful of GOP senators, including former Vietnam prisoner of war John McCain, R-Ariz., who are blocking President Bush’s effort to reinterpret Geneva Convention protections on detainees.

Okay, I’m drawing a blank here. Exactly which clubs make you fill out an application, provide the names of three sponsors, and then fit you with nipple clamps hooked up to a car battery? I mean, besides the kind of clubs that Jack Ryan would join?

Of course you may remember Westmoreland as Congressman Three Commandments

Fortunately for him, Thou Shalt Not Torture didn’t make the cut because God was going for a nice round number…

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