Minnesota – The Not Boring State!

Like Joe Lieberman, Mark Kennedy is trying to cry foul because his campaign can’t get the hang of the internets.

Here at DFLSenate, we’ve checked out Mark Kennedy’s supposedly shut down web site. What did we find? It appears that the Kennedy team did not shut down their Internet operation, but rather simply added some quick and dirty code to their web site to make it appear that everything had been taken offline.

Here’s the facts on what appears to be a shutdown stunt by the Kennedy campaign.

At the time of this post, you can still read campaign manager Pat Shotridge’s blog. Apparently Shortridge’s attacks on Amy Klobuchar are so important that they were allowed to survive these so-called precautionary measures.

As for the rest of Kennedy’s site, this does not appear to be a legitimate lockdown

More here.

Ahem. Lame.

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