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Who knew a BJ was only for the homos?

Michelle Turner, the president of some outfit called the Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum, has a very limited notion of what you heteros out there do in the bedroom. She’s on board with the condom-use curriculum in the Montgomery County, Maryland school system’s sex-ed program, but she has an objection to instruction on what she calls “homosexual acts.”

I hate to break it to you Ms. Turner, but I don’t think the gays invented these particular sex acts you’re talking about. This AgapePress article is labeled with the warning “CAUTION…This story contains terms that some may find offensive.”

“We’re running into some concerns with the written part of the curriculum,” Turner adds. “There still seems to be an interest on the part of the school system to introduce anal and oral sex.”

According to Turner, liberal groups are still pushing for condom-based, homosexuality-affirming sex-ed in the classroom. For example, groups like the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) and “Teach the Facts” want the county’s new sex-education program to include discussion of anal and oral sex, she says. But if the changes advocated by those two groups are adopted, the citizens group leader contends the district may be in violation of the terms of last year’s court-ordered settlement.

It all depends on whether or not they are introducing homosexuality and homosexual acts and the homosexual lifestyle without telling students that it is possible to leave the lifestyle — and that there are agencies and organizations that can assist with that,” she says.


This reminds me of a true story that Kate told me a while back. She was attending a Rotary Club-like function in her role as an audiologist, and other health care professionals were giving a talk. One of the women was a Planned Parenthood representative who was talking about teens and sex and methods of protection against HIV/AIDS and birth control.

As one might imagine at a meeting like this held during a weekday, the audience was full of senior citizens, almost all men, who were listening attentively to the information, as the Planned Parenthood woman explained the phenomenon of many teens today defining only intercourse as “sex.” The danger, she said, is that STDs can still be transmitted by having unprotected oral and anal sex.

One elderly man (Kate said he had to be in his 80s), sitting in the back was very interested in what the rep had to say; he stood up and said he had a question for the speaker.

She said, “Sure.”

In a loud voice, he said “I’d like to know, what, exactly…is oral sex?”

Kate said the room was silent, and then everyone exploded.

The Planned Parenthood rep actually kept her composure and smiled and said to the gentleman — “I’ll be happy to explain that to you right after the presentation, sir.”

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