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I’ve been reviewing the events of Fall 2002 closely lately. And I gotta say, even four years later, I still get furious at the way the Bush Administration sprang the Iraq war "product" on Congress just before mid-term elections. Look at the way Wolf Blitzer responds, for example, when Condi tells him BushCo will push for an Iraq war vote before Congress goes home for the election.

BLITZER:  When will you ask Congress for a resolution endorsing potential use of military force?

RICE: We’ll want to have discussions with the congressional leadershipand with others about the timing of this. But I believe that thepresident thinks it’s best to do this sooner rather than later and inthis session of Congress. This is a problem…

BLITZER:  Excuse me for interrupting. 

RICE:  Yes?

BLITZER:  You mean before the congressional recess in advance of the elections, within the next month or so.

RICE: Yes, that’s right, before the congressional recess, before thecongressional recess. I think the president has made clear that hewould like to have a full debate and a resolution, but we’re going todiscuss this with the members of Congress.

BLITZER:  There’s a lot of explaining that members of Congress insist you still need to do.

If your cynicism is shocking Blitzer, you’re engaging in truly cynical behavior.

Which is why it gives me a sick pleasure to watch BushCo try to save their own arses from war crime prosecution push through their wiretapping and torture bills before the mid-terms.

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