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Mary Cheney makes Newsweek's 'Top 20 Women on Leadership'

You’ve got to be flipping kidding. Jeezus. The Newsweek intro:

Leading the Way
These women are poised to be the next generation of leaders in their fields—whether it’s sports, business, finance, politics or the arts. In their own words, they tell how they got where they are and where they hope to go next.

Failed author and gay rights ignoramus* Mary Cheney bloviates about her life on the campaign trail with Daddy Darth. She’s on the list with:

• Danica Patrick
• Queen Latifah
• Karenna Gore Schiff
• Marissa Mayer
• Sarah Chang
• Maria Celeste Arraras
• Renee Reijo Pera
• Gwen Sykes
• Joyce Chang
• Tracy Reese
• Janna Levin
• Ruth Simmons
• Martina Navratilova
• Ellen Futter
• Meredith Vieira
• Adele Hodges
• Renetta McCann
• Anne Stevens
• Diane von Furstenberg

Comment away.

H/t, Blender Laura K.


* Remember this exchange on Larry King?

KING: On domestics — what’s the rule — what’s the law in Virginia?

CHENEY: Actually I’m not sure what the law is in Virginia. I should know that.

KING: Does your partner have — if you’re in the hospital, god forbid, does your partner have rights?

CHENEY: My partner and I have living wills, regular wills, powers of attorney, everything that quite honestly any couple married or not should have.

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