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Travolta was just kissing the hired help

That’s what his lawyer is saying. The guy in the photo is his “manny.”

A recently published photograph of Travolta showed him kissing his family’s male nanny before flying to America on board his private jet, which sparked the rumours that he has homosexual leanings.

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Caught by the Enquirer.

However, Martin insists that the smooch was harmless, and that Travolta’s wife ,Kelly Preston was also on board the plane which ferried him and the nanny home from Ontario, Canada.

He said that his client’s kissing another man was just a manner of customary greeting, and that Travolta kisses all those men and women whom he considers his close friends.

Andy asked a question that was on my mind as well:

Is it really proper in this day and age of sexual harassment lawsuits to kiss the help?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding