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How to come out to your kids, Freeper style

KNBC-4 in Los Angeles recently featured a report on how to tell your children that you are gay. The reporter spoke to Aimee Wilson, 30, and Connie Miller, 45.

Miller, incidentally was raised in the Mennonite faith in a conservative Amish family. She married young, to a man in the community, and had four children. They later divorced. She described the approach of explaining her relationship with Wilson to her children. A snippet: A snippet:

WEBB EDGERTON, PSYCHOLOGIST: Take time and a quiet weekend where they can process. Take them out and to a place where if they scream and yell, it’s OK. And let them do that.

MACK: Connie was also very conscious of not telling her children too much.

MILLER: Listen to your kids. They’re going to be the best judge of how much information they want to know and what they don’t want to know.

MACK: And when it came to introducing Aimee to her children, Connie was equally careful.

MILLER: You don’t want to introduce just any other adult into a child’s life. You have to know that this is someone that does have significant meaning.

MACK: What Connie made sure her kids knew was that, no matter what her sexual orientation, she was their mother forever.

OK. Seems very matter-of-fact, nothing particularly shocking or controversial. Guess I was wrong. Look at the apes*t cretins in Freeperland.

Remember this is The Base, the hardcore 30% Bush-stroking voters that Karl Rove and Ken Mehlman cherish, court and depend on for their victories. Welcome to Bush’s America.

Actual Freeper Quotes

“Honey, I love you very much and wanted you more than anything in the world, but I’m a carpet muncher.”

[Only had to go in two comments to get to bestiality!] Next, “How to tell your children you’re into beastiality” and “How to tell your children you’re a Democrat.”

First, run for office as a Democrat and win… next, get caught doing something particularly corrupt and/or unsavory. Finally, play your get-out-of-jail-free card to the utter surprise and shock of your wife and kids.

Here’s how: Hi, kiddies. I value my own sexual fulfillment more than I value your health and happiness, or the personal integrity involved in keeping my marital vows to your [choose one: mother/father/whatever]. Sh*t happens, and this is just the beginning of yours. I love you, though, just not enough to sacrifice anything for you. Efficient, accurate — how hard is that?

If my mom dropped that on me after being married to my dad and raising me at 21. I would tell her I hope she realized that whatever perversion or brainwashing she got into or whatever “partner” she is listening to, better be dam well worth losing her only soon forever. I would never speak to her ever again!

First, you shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place, you sick f*@#@. Second, wait until they are at least 18 to tell them. Third, live the rest of your life ashamed at your deception to your spouse all those years. Fourth, just because you are gay, doesn’t give you any special license to break any other rules of decency. Fifth, now go whine in a corner by yourself about how straight people hate you. Disclaimer, I am not anti-gay, like most here, but I hate the incessant whining, and the way they often use their gayness as an excuse for doing something stupid or wrong.

Here’s how: Kids, my sexuality is the most important part of my life; more important than you, faith – anything. I demand to be defined by my odd sexual proclivities and nothing else. What most people around the worlds consider personal, private and sacred – I want to shout aloud from the roof tops…

Start carrying an …Equal Rights for Sodomites…sign.

This was the first mental illness IMO that created a political lobby to change their diagnosis in the Medical world.

Show thwm your AIDS report.

Tell it like it is: “I’m gay and I engage in homosexual sodomy”..

I don’t care how they make this sound so normal. CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY TEENAGERS are not comfortable with homosexuality. They may pretend so as not to disappoint their parents, but they are not alright with it. If you are gay and you believe that your kids are going to be ok with it you are clueless and selfish.

[McGreevey gets evoked quite a few times in the thread.] You forgot the most important step: WRITE A BOOK documenting all the glorious details of your sleazy trysts.

You know what I absolutely hate??? Is when these reporters make it out to seem like gays are so much more in tune with their kids, therefore their kids are so much more well adjusted then our poor children. Give me a break, every gay couple I have ever seen with kids are off the hook. Usually one is very butch, which that in and of itself isn’t right.

There was a time not so long ago when parents placed the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of their children ahead of their selfish hedonism.

I have said it here before, but I remember in the 70’s when gays begged only for tolerance and acceptance. Whine, whine, whine. Once they got that, they started demanding equality and even to have their ‘lifestyle’ celebrated. They are disgusting.

Sure, devastate the kids. Hey – all their friends’ parents are divorced, anyway, so they’re halfway there to “understanding”. It’s like the kids have to pacify the adults here (“sure, Mom…it’s OK…there, there…”). Parents – do your job and stop whining about your love life to your kids!! Go be a lesbo or a free agent or whatever’s bothering you AFTER you’ve raised your kids!!

“Sorry, but I have made a DECISION, although not rooted in genetics, to live an abhorrent lifestyle of sinful sexual gratification with no care for you or your well being. I also don’t care about the damage my sick lifestyle will have on those around me, nor the shame that it will bring to the family. I am just admitting that I am a self-serving sick bastard. I am rejecting the Bible, Jesus Christ, and God’s standard. I don’t know Jesus as my personal Savior, and thus freely accept eternity in Hell.” How’s that?

[Let’s get down to their real solution — homos should die.] The simple answer to these is the same as the answer to the original question: In your suicide note.

nice. thats how they should be told. dont lie. admit your completely self absorbed, willing to dissolve a marriage and engage in vile acts for the rest of your days.

Hat tip, PageOneQ

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