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Deeply sorry?

Pope Benedict XVI said Sunday he was ‘deeply sorry’ about the angry reaction sparked by his speech about Islam and holy war and said the text did not reflect his personal opinion. ‘These (words) were in fact a quotation from a Medieval text which do not in any way express my personal thought,’ Benedict told pilgrims in Castel Gandolfo. (AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito)

So he’s sorry about his little contextual faux pas re: Islam, but is Papa Ratzi deeply sorry about facilitating the cover up of heinous crimes perpetrated by his priests in cases like this, in Pennsylvania:

Victims of priest sexual abuse came forward Friday with sometimes graphic accounts of molestation and rape, addressing hundreds of Roman Catholic priests in what some view as a small but hopeful step by the archdiocese to face its past.

…A woman named Grace talked about the abuse of her two sons – now adults – and the lingering trauma it inflicted on their entire family.

…Grace said the hands the priest used to consecrate the body and blood of Christ were “the same hands he used to violate my sons.” Grace also read a letter from her older son, now in prison, describing how he dreaded seeing the priest’s car pull up to their house. After taking the son to the priory and abusing him, the priest would bring him back home and have a drink at the kitchen table. “It was like he was celebrating what he did to me,” the son said in the letter.

Or maybe Ratzi might be deeply sorry about this development if records are released, for good rea$on.

Former Priest Seeks Block Of Record Disclosure. A former Los Angeles priest accused of sexually abusing four people as children is asking an appeals court to block the release of his church personnel records.

Lynn Caffoe claims disclosure of the confidential files would violate his rights. Caffoe was suspended from the priesthood 15 years ago after being accused of molestation.

An attorney representing the four alleged victims predicted the files would show the church’s continued protection of priests.

And out in Denver, where Rev. Timothy Evans is charged with molesting two young people:

Group warns priest’s neighbors. The Loveland neighborhood of a Catholic priest charged with molesting two youths was blanketed with fliers Monday by a group of people who said they had been victims of sexual assaults.

“I don’t want to see any other children raped,” said Jeb Barrett, a leader of the Denver branch of the Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests.

…At the time of the assaults, Evans was assigned to Spirit of Christ Catholic Community in Arvada as a vicar, the indictment said. Evans is alleged to have fondled the boy while massaging him.

And more…

* Milwaukee Archdiocese to Pay Victims of Priest It Sent to Orange County. Eight who were molested by Siegfried Widera will get a $13.3 million. They also received millions from Diocese of Orange.

* The Davenport, IA Diocese, tapped out on insurance after paying out financial settlements to victims of its pedophile priests totalling approximately $10 million since 2004, is going to court over the remaining cases to protect its assets.

Attorney Craig Levien and several of his clients, however, claim the diocese is going to court now because its insurance options have run out and it is trying to shield assets.

“They are taking the position that the amount of the demands exceeds their assets, but I disagree,” Levien said. “We believe some of the financial burden for resolving the pain that was caused by sexual misconduct of priests — and known by the diocese — can and should be borne by the diocese. To just use insurance money for these settlements is not being fully responsible for the wrong that was committed.â€?

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