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Nothing like some boob envy or boob hating to make your day. While the big dust up over minority representation at the Clinton lunch was going on, there was a ridiculous and insulting (and quite frankly unhinged) column by Ann Althouse over Jessica at Feministing’s pose in the notorious blogger photo that caused its own kerfluffle (see here, here, here). Jessica is in the front row in the gray shirt.

My comment: All I know is, I hope I’m not in any pix if I ever do get invited to such an event, because the boobie patrol will have way too much to deal with.

Jessica has decided to make lemons out of lemonade, or, to be more accurate, a T-shirt out of the gigantic boobie-hating dustup. BTW, 20% of the profits from T-shirt sales will go to Breast Cancer Action.

MadKane has a limerick:

Ode To Ann Althouse

Poor Ann Althouse! Jessica Valenti looked discernibly female in a blogger group photo with Bill Clinton, and Ann is aghast, appalled, and dismayed!

Ode To Ann Althouse
By Madeleine Begun Kane

Some bloggers are easily shocked
When gal lefties don’t look like they’re jocks.
Poor Ann can’t abide
When such women don’t hide
Their endowments beneath frumpy smocks.


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