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A Little Morning Satire

Ever wonder what would happen if the CEO of Halliburton came clean?  Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films did…and they created this clip. 

Hope everyone caught the Democratic Policy Committee hearing yesterday on C-Span, because there is no reporting that I can find from any major (or minor) corporate media organization regarding the war profiteering hearings yesterday.  Yes, that’s right, millions of your tax dollars are being poured down a sink hole and only the Democrats care about any accountability on the issue.  (Huge thank you to C-Span for broadcasting the hearing yesterday — kudos.) 

Sens. Leahy and Dorgan and Rep. Waxman have all introduced legislation to explicitly provide for stiffer penalties and more substantive oversight of war profiteering — but it has been voted down each and every time.  Hello GOP-controlled rubber stamp Congress.

If you missed the hearing broadcast, here’s what you missed:

Sen. Byron Dorgan, D- N.D., joined filmmaker Robert Greenwald today calling for a Truman-style commission to investigate the gross misuse of government funds spent by contractors in Iraq. Sen. Dorgan and Greenwald participated in a news conference on Capitol Hill this morning, where they also released a new report by the Campaign for America’s Future that provides an overview of the profiteering and mismanagement in Iraq.

The report traces a litany of abuses back to the disdain for the mission of nation-building and the cronyism that is the hallmark of the conservatives that dominate our government. The report details votes made in Congress where measures designed to put in place accountability or oversight were rejected by the Republican majority. The report will also be featured at thousands of house parties across the country next month, where participants will view Greenwald’s new film "Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers" and demand that Congress act to establish accountability….

The report documents six notorious companies that spent a combined $3,228,665 on campaign contributions and $7,490,000 on lobbying since the tragedies of Sept. 11, 2001. Halliburton and Titan Corp. gave 89 percent of their campaign contributions to Republicans and only 11 percent to Democrats….

Halliburton has come under special scrutiny because Vice President Cheney was their CEO and still owns stock options in the company. Halliburton dispatched drivers with empty trucks because it was paid by the trip. Titan Corp. and CACI provided translators and interrogators implicated in abuses at Abu Ghraib. Blackwater sent men in understaffed, unarmored vehicles in violation of a contract to a massacre in Fallujah. Becthel failed to complete the construction of a children’s hospital in Basra it was paid $50 million to build.

Later in the day, the Democratic Policy Committee, chaired by Sen. Dorgan, convened a hearing featuring Halliburton whistleblowers describing how Halliburton’s own employees took items intended to go to the troops. Witnesses provided new details of the "Good Friday Massacre" in which Halliburton supervisors sent unarmed American civilians to drive through a combat zone, resulting in the death of six truck drivers and two soldiers….

That’s from a press release — as I said, I’ve been unable to find any reporting on this issue. Apparently, the federal government being bilked for millions of taxpayer dollars by a company that sent empty trucks to drive around Iraq because they got paid by the trip is of no interest to the corporate media. Even when it results in some of those truck drivers being killed. Nice to know.  (Isaiah Poole from has more about Iraq for Sale.)

Robert Greenwald will be a guest on Keith Olbermann’s show on MSNBC this evening.  Thought everyone would like a heads up.  (Find out how you can host a screening of Iraq for Sale or attend one near you.)

Just one of the many reasons that electing Democrats in November is important.  Had enough?

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