Last Wolverine Standing

We will not submit. We will not surrender. Wolverines!

Add Michael Ledeen to the last line of defense against our Islamafioso Overlords when all others have abandoned their posts:

Kathryn, you said “natch” about Chafee signing on to the “civil rights for terrorists” movement led by the increasingly unstable Sen McCain. You might also have natched Hagel—who has never seen a tyranny with which he didn’t want to have a deep philosophical discussion—and Lugar, who is the State Dept’s ambassador to the Senate. Lugar is so desperately committed to the appeasement of Iran that he held hearing today in which there was not a single voice in favor of active support of the Iranian people.

Sixteen months from now the recently-impeached George W. Bush will lead his marginalized and discredited band of NeoCon-federates to his compound in Crawford Texas where Ex-43 and Victor Davis Hanson (now refering to himself as “Ozymandias” and constantly waving a machete around) will spend their days harvesting brush to sell to the locals. At night they will lament how everything seemed to fall apart right after the tragic death by asphyxiation of Dick Cheney (who failed to remember his “safeword” while he and Lynne were three-quarters of the way through something they called the “Brown and Root Face Caul”). Out on the front porch Charles Krauthammer and Christopher Hitchens will hurl impotent curses and empty Zima bottles at Islamosquirrels in a sad and pathetic attempt to repel them as they raid Laura’s buzzard feeder.

As a footnote, one month later tragedy would strike once again as a startled Mark Steyn accidentally shot and killed Jonah Goldberg, who had entered the compound perimeter without permission searching for free Wi-Fi and a bathroom. After a brief 40-second debate the starving group agreed to eat the now ex-LA Times columnist, later pronouncing him “kind of fatty” and “tasting like chicken”.

Later there was pie.

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