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What Did You Get For It, Joe?

It seems every time No-Show Joe opens his mouth these days, he is touting the virtues of bipartisanship and decrying Ned Lamont for engaging in partisan politics.  It’s a nice sound bite if you can get away with it, and the press have certainly let him do so.  But I think that Joe’s definition of bipartisanship is slightly different than mine.  In a truly bipartisan world, you give something and you get something.  There is a spirit of compromise, of give-and-take.  But that sentiment has been dead to the modern GOP for quite some time now, and it’s a sign of Joe’s essential cluelessness that he is the last to know. 

Grover Norquist said it and he meant it: they Republicans consider bi-partisanship date rape — and it ain’t the Democrats who are slipping the roofies in the kool-aid.

At some point in the last five years it should have occurred to Joe, who had no wingnut constituents to whom he needed to pander, that he was being used like a blow-up doll at a frat party.

Joe slides this by reporter after reporter, and nobody bothers to ask him:  what did you get for it, Joe?
He laid down for virtually every plank of the Republican agenda.  He confabbed with the Gang of 14 to put the most appallingly regressive right-wing judges on the bench and I don’t recall them letting Joe have anyone to the left of Atilla the Hun as a "gimme" for his efforts.  He was an enthusiastic war pimp who castigated the President’s critics as traitors.  He led the efforts to block universal health care.
What did you get for it, Joe?
No-Show Joe brags about all the earmarks he’s delivered for the state, but the fact remains that Connecticut is #49 out of 50 states when it comes to money that the Federal Government spends in the state relative to dollars paid in federal taxes (PDF).  The answer is they didn’t give him anything.  They didn’t have to.  He’s a chump.
What did you get for it, Joe?
It took a lot of prodding from the blogosphere to finally get reporters to start asking why Joe wasn’t talking about his walk-in-the-park war in the weeks running up to the primary, but it happened.  Every time  Joe, Dangerstein and TamSun yammer on with their fake "bipartisan" claptrap, reporters should rightfully be asking what exactly it is his Republican friends reached across the aisle and gave Joe for all his loyalty.  The fact is Joe got nothing.  As Digby said, "he got rolled."  And it’s high time a few of them started pointing that out.
So please familiarize yourself with our "Spotlight" link at the bottom of the page, click "regional" for "CT" and have a look at the wonderful list of local journalists Mark Steckel has put together in Connecticut.  Then ever so politely you might ask them if they would inquire:
What did you get for it, Joe? 
(graphic by Jesus’ General
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